License AACS

Licensed content participants can use the AACS technology to protect content they distribute on next generation optical media.  Licensed Adopters can manufacture, produce, and sell products that are AACS compliant.

AACS2 for Ultra HD Blu-rayTM is available for Licensing

AACS LA, LLC is pleased to announce that AACS2 for Ultra HD Blu-ray is available for licensing. AACS2 includes enhancements to support the premium quality of Ultra HD Blu-ray content. The following licenses are available:

  • AACS2 Adopter Agreement
  • AACS2 Content Participant Agreement
  • AACS2 Content Provider Agreement
  • AACS2 Reseller Agreement

The AACS2 Specification is also available to companies that have executed an AACS2 License Agreement.

AACS LA, LLC also has test discs, test keys and production keys and certificates available for AACS2 licensees. AACS2 requires product certification testing by an AACS2 Authorized Certification Entity (ACE) as well as a two-step robustness consultation with an Authorized Robustness Consultant (ARC).

Agreement Request Process:

To become a licensee, please review any of the Agreements above with your legal counsel and engineering team to determine which License is best for your Company. Click the Email Link below and complete the requested information. We will then email that person(s) a link to electronically sign the documents through DocuSign.

The primary contact person does not have to be the same person who is signing the agreement. The primary contact would be the person we should send license related communications to, including applicable annual AACS license fee invoices.

Once we receive the signed documents and verify they are completed correctly we will issue an invoice for the Annual Fee. Once all required licensing fees have been paid in full, AACS LA, LLC will execute the license and return an electronic copy, for your records along with procedures to get your Company started.

Click here to request AACS LA, LLC License Agreements

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us at

AACS Key Order Form
Please submit a signed copy of the relevant pages of the AACS Key Order Form to AACS either via mail, fax or electronic submission. Note, prior to submitting their AACS Key Delivery Agreement companies must first submit their signed AACS Interim Adopter Agreement and fees.

AACS Test Materials Addendum to Adopter Agreement


AACS Red Laser Recording


MCOT Consideration Criteria